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Loudspeaker Floor Coupling

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Floor Coupling for Speaker Enclosures


Floor-standing enclosures can transmit substantial vibration into the floor, which in turn is transmitted back into the air, colouring the sound.  This is dependant on the floor surface.  Unfortunately one of the worst transmitters would be wooden floorboards, however these are to be found in the majority of households, including the room I intend using the speakers (under a carpet).  Recently most loudspeaker manufacturers have used some type of metal spike to isolate the speaker from the floor.  These pass on a lot less vibration by limiting physical contact, and easily penetrate carpet pile without any damage to the carpet itself.  A more effective solution is placing a heavy stone or marble platform under the speaker to act as an energy sink.  A combination of spikes and energy sink would be ideal, although aesthetic properties and practicalities would have to be considered.

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