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Useful Loudspeaker Links

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External Websites featuring information on loudspeaker enclosure design and manufacture


True Audio - A directory of links including professional organisations, driver manufacturers in the USA, parts manufacturers, loudspeaker system manufacturers and repairers.

Linkwitzlab - Loudspeaker concepts information and details of various projects (to build or buy complete)

Wikipedia Loudspeaker Enclosure - A Wikipedia article about loudspeaker design with summary of various designs. Try searching wikipedia for other specific designs you are interested in.

Online Tools

OnlineConversion.com - can be used to convert various measurements used in design of loudspeakers. You can also type some conversions into Google (see here)

Parts Suppliers

Maplin Electronics - High street electronics supplier that provide a number of parts. Drivers stocked tend to be budget as opposed to audiophile.


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